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What you need to know when buying a forklift

Have you ever bought a forklift and then came to realize you bought a piece of junk?

I’ll tell you what happens more often than not, we get this call…

I just bought a forklift and it’s not working properly. Can you please come check it out?

I can express how many times a week we get this call from customers who have been dealing with forklifts for years, and let me tell you if it’s happen to them it can happen to anyone, that’s exactly why I want to help you by writing this article.

So what are the common problems people have when they buy forklifts?

  • “The Raccoon Effect” – The forklift has a really nice paint job, only to find out that’s the only thing it has, a paint job. The forklift is leaking oil, coolant, doesn’t start, and is not working properly.
  • “The Craigslist Forklift” – Customers often call saying they bought a forklift in craigslist and now it’s not working. There’s a reason people sell things in Craigslist and that because they no longer want them, and I don’t think they don’t want a forklift because it’s working fine!
  • “The Cheap Forklift” – People buy a forklift from a forklift company that’s cheap, only to find out nothing was done to the forklift it was just cleaned up, and now you have a forklift that needs a lot of work.

Not to mention all the leaks, bad hoses, bad spark plugs, bad tires, cylinders…. and I can go on and on.

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Now you might be thinking, what makes you the reader think we don’t do these types of things, well….

la-forkliftWe’ll we actually take the time to thoroughly inspect the units and make sure that what we are going to sell you it’s actually going to be of quality, reliable, and it’s going to come with a warranty that will give you peace of mind.

We absolutely like to give customers different options on one forklift, we offer a used forklift, refurbished forklift, and completely refurbished, and they all come with warranty.

Not only will we do what I mentioned above, we will also send you videos of the forklifts we offer so you can get a better idea of what you’re buying. We want to make our process as transparent as possible, we want to ensure that you get something reliable.

If you need any references, feel free to give us a call and ask us 888-469-5931.

We will help you avoid the raccoon effect, the craigslist effect, and the cheap effect.

If you need us to go out and check a forklift you are considering we would also love to help you with that, because our job is to serve you, not just to sell you.

Be great!


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