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What You Need To Know Before Renting A Forklift

Getting expert weight-lifting and transportation inside or outside a factory, in industries or at construction sites is extremely easy with the use of forklifts.

These are industrial equipment that though appear small, but have a high power and capacity stored inside them.

And since they are highly powerful, being a bit costly is almost reasonable.

However, now you do not need to purchase your forklifts as these are easily available on rent.

Here we would inform you with all that you need to know before you rent a forklift at any place.

But first, let us know why renting a forklift is deemed a better option than buying it:

Why Rent A Forklift:

Renting a forklift is an effective option due to factors such as:

  • Affordability: Renting a forklift is an extremely affordable option and you can rent high-capacity equipment at the lowest prices. Thus, it does not devour much of your revenue.
  • Seasonal Requirements: Some businesses offer seasonally-popular products and remain quiet at the other times of the year. For them, forklifts appear to be an effective option.
  • Short-Term Requirements: If you have a very limited use of the equipment, for a very short period of time, buying a forklift is never an appreciable idea. In any such case, renting a forklift is very effective for the uses.
  • First-Timers: If you are about to use the forklift for the first time, renting a suitable one to test its efficiency is always a great move. In this, you can know all the specification and capabilities of the equipment before you actually buy one.

How To Rent A Forklift:

Well, renting a forklift is not as simple as typing ‘rental forklifts near me’ on Google and choosing the nearest available ones.

In fact, you need to perform a considerable amount of research, go through a number of points (including what you need) and rent the forklift that best suits your needs.

Here we have brought for you a detailed guide on what to consider before you rent a forklift for the best results:

  • Amount Of Weight To Be Lifted:

Forklifts come with distinct weight-lifting abilities. On one side, they could lift a weight near 3000 lbs, on the other, they can even lift more than 6000 lbs in a single go.

And choosing the wrong capacity forklifts can lead to either wastage of resources or lifting failures etc.

Therefore, before you rent a forklift, it is important to know the amount of material you would be lifting with the equipment.

  • Required Lifting Height:

Again, a very important concept to keep track of is the best lifting height of the forklift. For instance, if you wish to lift your products to a height of say 5 meters, you need to rent a forklift accordingly.

Choosing lower or higher lifting heights could cost you much.

  • Maximum Weight To Height:

You would wonder, why do I need to know the height and weight again after we have discussed it before?

Well, some forklifts, on their continued usage, experience a decrease in their lifting capability at the maximum weight.

For instance, some of them may be designed to lift 8 tonnes of weight to a height of 5 meters, but do not actually deliver the designed results on practical usage.

Therefore, checking the forklifts for their maximum performance is essential to consider.

  • Operational Site:

Forklifts are highly compact and could easily operate in a very limited amount of space. They could be used equally efficiently inside as well as outside a building premise.

In consideration to the operational site, you can ensure to find out the following:

  • Whether the forklifts are to be used inside or outside
  • The kind of terrain of its operation- smooth or rough
  • Minimum aisle width of the equipment
  • Height restrictions inside or outside the site

What You Need To Lift:

The kind of cargo you need to lift is also a determining factor when renting a forklift.

For instance, forklifts can be used to lift products packed in boxes, loose products, objects with unique shapes and some special products etc.

On your part, you need to know the kind of products you need to lift and if there is any special lifting requirement.

  • Time-Period Of Renting A Forklift:

For how much time do you wish to rent the forklift? Is it for the seasonal spikes in sales where production of a good is more? Or is it for an entire year on the monthly basis?

You need to find these out well in advance before you rent a forklift.

  • Charges and Contract:

Find out the charges incurred by the forklift renting agency and the basis of the charges. You can rent the forklifts on daily, weekly, or monthly basis all according to your needs and budget.

  • Forklift Renting Agency:

Besides everything else, you need to find out a great forklift renting agency such as ‘L.A. Forklift Solutions’ in Los Angeles. While renting forklifts from a good forklift agency, ensure to keep track of the following aspects:

  • Since what time has the company been renting forklifts
  • The service level agreement that they have
  • The age and the condition of forklifts in the fleet
  • How many forklifts can you rent at a time
  • Do they have any specific conditions while renting the forklifts

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Forklift?

Charges of rental forklifts vary according to the capacity of the forklift you get.

For instance, renting a forklift with a capacity of around 3000 to 3500 lbs could cost you around $125 per day (at about 8 hours a day). However, if you rent it for, say, a week or a month in advance, you can get it at far cheaper charges.

Rental charges of forklift vary around $500 a week and about $1200 a month for the same capacity forklifts (3000 lbs to 3500 lbs). And as the capacity of the forklift increases, the charges get hiked too.

Forklift rents may also vary according to the types or brands of the forklift you obtain.

Do You Need A License To Drive A Forklift?

Yes, whether you rent a forklift or purchase it, it is mandatory to be driven by a licensed forklift operator only.

Forklifts could be used inside and outside a building premise. However, wherever they are used, it is essential that they are handled by experienced professionals only.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Forklift Over Buying It?

Renting a forklift has several advantages such as:

  • You Need Not Invest A Heavy Sum:

As aforementioned, the biggest advantage of rental forklifts is its easy and affordable cost. You can rent a forklift according to your budget and keep it only until you need it.

Thus, the forklifts never demand a heavy investment, but offer a great assistance for all kinds of industrial uses.

  • You Can Get And Use It According To Your Requirements:

You may not need a forklift at every moment during the industrial jobs. There are some seasonal peaks and some off seasons for businesses too.

Based on your seasonal or business requirements, forklifts could be rented at any time of the year and all according to the forklift capacities you need.

  • You Can Easily Change The Forklifts:

Renting a forklift offers you an advantage of changing the forklift as per your increase or decrease in production.

For instance, if you ordered a forklift of the wrong capacity by mistake and need to get it changed, you can return the one you got and get a new one according to your needs.

  • You Need Not Worry About The Maintenance Needs:

Generally, the forklift rental agency takes care of every maintenance need of the forklift and you need not worry about any such service for you rented equipment.

  • You Can Choose New Forklift:

Renting a forklift offers you the benefit of choosing the forklifts for yourself and you can easily get a new forklift for your industrial or construction needs.

How To Save Costs When Renting A Forklift?

The best way to save your costs when renting a forklift is to get it for a longer duration altogether, if you know your needs.

For instance, if you know that you would need the rental forklift for straight 3 months, rent it in advance for the complete time period. Getting forklifts on a monthly basis instead of daily would save much of your expenses.

Thus, while you rent a forklift, it is important to keep all these factors in mind, in order to get the best equipment at the most reasonable prices.

To rent any kind of forklift in Los Angeles, you can contact ‘L.A. Forklift Solutions’ which is one of the leading forklift agencies. You can buy, rent and sell all kinds of forklifts at extremely reasonable prices and you can also get forklift spare parts, batteries etc.

So for any kind of forklift assistance, ‘L.A. Forklift Solutions’ is your best choice in Los Angeles.


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