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Used Forklift Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist: A Guide

Forklifts are an integral part of almost all kinds of industries, especially the manufacturing units and the construction sites.

These powerful equipment considerably reduce manual labor and are highly suitable to lift, transfer, and relocate heavy products and even the people.

However, forklifts are also a cause of lots of industrial accidents and according to a report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) here are some of the facts that you need to know:

  • Forklifts lead to roughly 85 deaths in a year
  • Serious injuries due to forklift reach a total of around 34,900 annually
  • Other non-serious injuries may reach around 61,800 annually

And according to OSHA, 70 percent of the forklift accidents are preventable if you keep track of all the safety considerations. In this, the visual and working condition of your forklift could have a fair bit to play.

So if you are buying a used forklift, it’s important to check it thoroughly for its working and safety, so that you never experience any accidents, injuries, or deaths during its operation.

Here we have brought for you a detailed guide on used forklift pre-purchase inspection which you can keep track of to avoid any accidents:


General Things To Check In A Forklift:

No matter what kind of a used forklift you are about to buy, here are some of the important elements to check in the equipment:

  • Fork:The fork is perhaps the most important part of the forklift and you need to check parts such as top clip retaining pin and heel etc. to ensure that it works perfectly well.
  • Fluid Levels:You need to check all kinds of fluids such as hydraulic fluid, oil, and water and ensure that they areat an optimum level.
  • Defects:Check the interiors and the exteriors of the body for any visible cracks, leaks, and defects etc.
  • Mast Chains:You can test the tension in the mast chain by suspending the load backrest. In this, the mast chains should be properly leveled and any kind of tilting could demote broken or stretched rollers. However, do not use your hands for testing the mast chains and make sure they appear good visually too.
  • Brakes: Brakes are perhaps the most important safety components and you need to check these thoroughly before buying the forklift.
  • Steering and Operation Items: Check that the steering of the forklift and all the other operational items function utmost well without any operational hindrance.
  • Safety Devices:All kinds of safety devices such as seat belts, finger guards, and should be absolutely intact and you need to test each of these to know the exact condition.
  • Tire: Check the condition of the tires, the tread, and the air pressure and also look to find any scratches or cuts on the tire body.
  • Backrest Extension:Ensure that the load backrest extension works effectively.
  • Safety Decals: The nameplate and the safety decals should be clearly visible and should match the model of the forklift.
  • Operator’s Log Book:Make sure that the log book and the operator’s manual are produced with the content absolutely legible.

These are some of the important general things to check when buying a used forklift for you.

For Electric Forklifts Specifically:

If you are buying an electric forklift, here are some of the important things to check:

  • Cables & Connectors:There shouldn’t be any exposed wires in the cables and no frays should be visible.
  • Electrolytes:The level of the electrolytes should be appropriate
  • Hood Latch:The hood latch should be appropriately operational
  • Battery:Functional battery restraints are a minimal requirement

Besides these, you can look for the important parts of the forklift in the user manual of the vehicle and ensure checking them effectively.

However, if you are not well-versed with all the used forklift inspection essentials, you may not be able to get the best equipment and this, in turn, may lead to safety hazards.


For the best assistance, you need to get help from the most experienced used forklift inspection professionals who know exactly how to check each and every detail of the equipment and, ensuring that you get the most appropriate products.

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Get all kinds of new and used forklifts and get them inspected by the experts to ensure complete safety and the best returns to your investments.


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