Water Injector Classic Watering System

Water Injector Classic Watering System


Warranty: 5-Years

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Features & Benefits

  • Fast operation: An average 18-cell industrial truck battery can be filled in 15 seconds or less.
  • Easy installation: Flexible tubing and the snap-fit base make installation fast and easy.
  • Precise filling: A precision level-sensing valve shuts off instantly when electrolyte levels rise to the Injector tip.
  • Safe: Prevents direct contact with electrolyte during battery filling and prevents overfilling.
  • Compact: Low profile allows Injectors to fit on any industrial battery and minimizes damage from battery cables. Injectors can snap in and out to allow inspection of electrolyte levels and specific gravities.
  • Heat resistant: System will survive high battery temperatures without failing.
  • No-freeze tubing: Tubing drains surplus water into cells after filling is complete, so the system can be used in cold storage environments.
  • 2-stage filtration: In addition to the filter screen in the input coupling, each Injector has its own individual filter.
  • Proven reliability: Patented pressure-activated technology makes the Water Injector System the world’s most dependable single-point watering system.
  • Exclusive no-clamp tubing: The tubing goes straight through the Injectors and is sealed with unique twin O-rings.
  • 5-year warranty: Injectors are made of high-quality engineered plastic that provides maximum chemical resistance and long-lasting durability. There are no exposed parts to break off even when an Injector is removed from a cell.
  • Exclusive reconditioning service: Injectors are so tough that used ones can be reconditioned and used again on another battery. Philadelphia Scientific will discard the old tubing, clean the Injectors, and after a 100% inspection, provide new tubing and fittings. That means even more savings.


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